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Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act

Outlining the principles and safeguards in place in Scotland for those who lack capacity

Blood Transfusion Safety in Practice

Important information about blood transfusion practice and safety

Care During the Final Hours of Life and Bereavement Care

Raising awareness to and coping with the feelings of others and your own in a Palliative Care context

Care Planning and Risk Assessment

Crucial considerations for everyone working in a Social Care environment

Child Protection Scotland (Level 2) - A Shared Responsibility

Essential information at Level 2 for those in Scotland seeking to understand Child Protection

Covid 19 - An Employee's Role in Supporting Safety


Covid-19 - An Employer's Roadmap to Lockdown Easing


Dementia Care - A Person Centred Approach

Helping ensure the person and their needs are foremost within the caring process

Infection Control

Infections can affect otherwise healthy individuals, especially if invasive procedures or devices are used and not only can patients of all ages be affected, their families, carers and other healthcare workers can also be affected. Certain actions can be taken in order to reduce the risk of the spread of infection and this programme has been designed to offer a thorough understanding of the topic of Infection Control and its impact on individuals and the organisations they work for.

The topics covered in this comprehensive course include:

  • Micro-organisms and the Causes of Infection
  • The Chain of Infection
  • How Infection Spreads
  • The Implications for the Workplace
  • Personal health and hygiene
  • Decontamination - Equipment and Environment

Infection control is everyone’s responsibility and whilst it can be a complex topic, this comprehensive programme offers a level of flexibility that means that you can complete all the component parts at times that are most convenient to you, whether you are fitting them in around work shifts or family commitments.

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