Free LMS

Your own Learning Management System

Every client who registers with Red Rock Training has access to our Free LMS (Learning Management System). It has been designed to offer a huge range of features that support administration efficiencies and offers a clear and complete audit trail for each person, including the ability to:

  • Allocate and manage all of your registrations centrally
  • Maintain an up to date and permanent employee record
  • Review staff progress
  • Review all outcomes and exam results
  • Receive a detailed student transcript
  • Receive an alert when a refresher is due or a certificate expires
  • Be assured that you have a clear and concise audit trail
  • Prove that your company is compliant
  • Automatic notification of a pass or fail
  • All certificates will be sent to an allocated central point automatically
  • System allows your employees to add feedback
  • All your data is protected and backed up

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