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CPD Standards Office

Red Rock Courses count towards Assessment and Revalidation


CPD Standards Office

Red Rock Courses count towards Assessment and Revalidation

Red Rock Courses count towards your Assessment and Revalidation

Continuing Personal or Professional Development (CPD) is the term that describes a commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence. The CPD Standards Office provides accreditation for Red Rock courses for personal or professional development and supports further learning initiatives being undertaken by Government, professional institutions, trade associations, individual organisations, training providers, suppliers and so on

With over 1200 'membership organisations' (professional bodies, institutes, trade associations) in the UK, all with their own CPD requirements, each sector contains a multitude of CPD activity, so it is important to ensure that the training available to each sector aligns to the particular requirements and expectations of each of the sectors. The formal work carried out by the CPD Standards Office with the CPD Institute aims to deliver their joint vision of raising the standard of CPD provision and encouraging new and better ways of undertaking CPD.

The robust approach taken by the CPD Standards Office when endorsing members and accrediting their provision is part of this vision, seeking to offer reassurances to all those undertaking CPD activities that the process undertaken by those applying to become members of the CPD Standards Office shows not only a commitment to the quality of CPD activity but that also, ongoing checks continue to monitor the systems, procedures and quality of CPD activity. As a result, delivering and maintaining the highest possible standards for CPD activities becomes a two way commitment, merging the research and quality expectations of the CPD Standards Office with the desire of member organisations to continue to meet the highest possible standards in CPD activity and that this commitment is maintained in the long term.

The research activities carried by the CPD Standards Office further embed this commitment to the future, seeking to continue to raise the standing of CPD through building stronger links between the stakeholders in CPD, and through accrediting traditional and modern forms of CPD activities. In particular this involves coaches, conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops, instructor-led training courses, and online provision. Research carried out in partnership with the Kingston Business School, involved conducting a large scale research project which included a survey of over 1000 project managers, PAs and occupational psychologists about their experiences of CPD, as well as 40 interviews with professional bodies, employers, academics and training providers. This gave a wealth of findings that continues to support and inform best practice schemes that are upheld by the CPD Standards Office.

Red Rock training courses are recognised by CPD meaning the time you spend on Red Rock training can be used towards your personal CPD record.

Red Rock Training is an approved CPD content provider (ID 50014)

The CPD Standards Office is part of the Professional Development Consortium, who support all those involved with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and their goal is to make CPD better, easier to access and more affordable. The Professional Development Consortium itself builds bridges between stakeholders to increase the benefits of CPD to individuals and employers and in particular, encourages the spread of good practice and the sharing of support.